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Think twice before you print

Think about the environment

On 5 June, World Environment Day, the SADC Social Responsibility Club launched a paper-recycling project Going Greener – Recycling Paper to which you are all invited to adhere to.

For this project, your good offices are asked to throw used paper (PAPER ONLY) in duly labelled containers that have been placed by the kitchen area. The containers are labelled FOR RECYCLING - PAPER ONLY. The paper will then be collected by a paper recycling company.

You are also invited to adhere to other initiatives that will be carried out throughout the duration of the project.

About the project Going Greener – Recycling Paper

Aim: Promote and establish the practice of recycling and reusing paper at SADC House
Benefits: Saves trees, conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and keeps landfill space free for other types of trash that can't be recycled
Duration: From 5 June 2015, World Environment Day, until 31 October 2015
Reports: Monthly feedbacks (reports) of the project to SADC staff

About the SADC Social Responsibility Club (SRC)

The SADC Social Responsibility Club (SRC) is composed of SADC staff on a volunteer basis. It promotes awareness of social responsibility initiatives within the organisation. Any member of the staff who wants to join in is most welcome. The Club has been active since 2009.

This year the SRC has carried out one project already the Rediscovering the stairs campaign at the SADC HQ. Besides the recycling project it plans to help an NGO that rehabilitates juvenile delinquents and offenders, help a Day Care Centre for orphans and disabled children, carry out a Blood Donation campaign and campaign for the donation of sanitary towels for school girls.